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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Moon Doge Faucet – The Pros and Cons You Should Know!

Moon Doge Faucet is one of the oldest Dogecoin faucets and has paid hundreds of dollars in Cryptocurrencies. Moon Dogecoin Faucet exists before the inception of popular Micro wallet, namely Coinpot. The Dogecoin Coinpot faucet provides an easy way to earn Doge using your mobile or desktop device. Moon Doge Faucet is also one of the legit and easy faucets for beginners with instant payment.

If you are wondering as to whether you should start using the Dogecoin Moon website then the below for and against would likely help you to make an ultimate decision.

The Pros of Moon Dogecoin Faucet?

Moon doge is an easy to claim dash faucet and you don’t have to go through shortlinks or multiple captchas to earn the reward.
Moon dogecoin faucet enables instant payment to Coinpot micro wallet. Thus, you don’t need to wait for days to reach the withdrawal threshold which is the case with Cointiply.
On dogecoin moon faucet you can earn 25% affiliate commission by referring people to the website. This is one of the highest commission by any Faucet website.
In addition, you can increase your claim amount by 100% using their loyalty bonus
One the top of this, moon dogecoin also provides its mystery bonus to amplify your earnings.

The Cons of Moon Doge Faucet

It is a simple Doge Coinpot faucet and you can’t make money on the platform by other ways
Moon dogecoin is the only Doge Coinpot faucet, which can make it harder to make significant earning in Dogecoin
There are only a few faucets paying to Coinpot which can make it harder to reach Coinpot withdrawal threshold
Loyalty bonus of Moon Dogecoin resets just after one day of inactivity, which is pretty harsh.
There is no support available for Moon Dogecoin faucet which is quite bad for people looking for additional answers from the platform.

Do I recommend using Doge Coinpot Faucet?

Despite the multiple drawbacks, I highly advise people to use Moon Doge faucet as an additional source of Crypto income. The Dogecoin faucet by Coinpot is one of the popular faucets to make Doges while relaxing at your home. Besides, you can even convert your Dogecoins to Bitcoin or any other currency using Coinpot exchange without paying any additional fees.

As an additional resource, you can also use our Coinpot Faucet Rotator to earn faster and without any lags