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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Cointiply Faucet Review From A User Perspective!

If you mix traditional faucet with a high end user-friendly graphical interference, what will you get? The answer is Cointiply!. Cointiply Faucet is one of the highest paying Bitcoin faucets. I know you might be thinking if it is really one of high paying platform, then well it is! This isn’t because Cointiply Faucet gives a high amount of Satoshis per claim but due to the fact that the website has several offer walls and surveys for its users.

Cointiply Bitcoin faucet has more than a traditional interference to offer for its users. As an honest Cointiply review this post will guide you throughout the several activities on the platform that can help you amplify your experience with Cryptocurrencies.

Started over a year ago, Cointiply faucet and overall platform have largely evolved into a mammoth Micro earning platform. With several opportunities to tap into, the website seems to expand its influence in the niche. Below are some of the top highlights for our Cointiply review.

The Pros of Cointiply Faucet

It is not Faucet – Well, on a serious note Cointiply is not faucet where you can stash some Cryptocurrencies. Rather their main product is completely different from other conventional faucets. If you are planning to use it just for the claiming purpose than it is better to switch for TrustBTCFaucet or maybe get some Ripples?
Youtubers make money when you watch their video, but sadly you don’t earn any share of it. Cointiply easily fixes this problem by featuring Videos ads on their platforms
Offer Wall – Boom! This is one the amazing feature of Cointiply faucet. With more than a dozen partners on their site, you can easily climb up the ladder for your first cash out from the platform.
Multiplier Game – Done with all the tasks for today? How about playing this fascinating game before cashing out? The Multiplier game on Cointiply faucet is not the same as on other platforms. Instead, it involves rich GUI which can easily make your experience mesmerizing.
If you still feel like it is not enough, then how about staking your coins for an annual increase of 5%? Sounds very lucrative!

The Turn Offs

Despite claiming as a Bitcoin faucet, the platform’s main product is way different.
There is a minimum threshold before you can cash out your earnings to your wallet
There are not many offers for Tier 3 countries such as India or Bangladesh which can be added frustration for people looking to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.


As an end note for Cointiply review, I would highly recommend the Cointply Bitcoin Faucet if you are somewhere located in Tier 1 Country. This is because most of the Offer Walls and Video Ads are targeting the countries falling in the list. For those who are outside Tier 1, I recommend them to use Cointiply faucet for its other features such as playing the Multiplier or third-party games.

Many users are spending their precious time on Cointiply and for me, it is worth it if you are really into fauceting. With a decent 25% lifetime referral commission I would highly recommend giving Cointiply Bitcoin faucet a try. In addition, don’t forget to leave a review of the platform since it can help many others decide their way forward.