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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Bitfun Faucet Review – The Gaming Faucet

Bitfun Faucet is a powerhouse of Coinpot micro wallet that enables people to stash Bitcoins along with platforms on the network. Who wouldn’t love earning free Bitcoins on Bitfun faucet platform, and playing their favorite arcade games? Besides, Bit Fun was also one of the first faucet to introduce on-site gaming to the Micro earning websites.

Besides, Bit Fun is not just limited to gaming and fauceting but a user can also benefit from several offer walls on their platform. This is another value-added feature of this unique Coinpot faucet that can prove to be advantageous. The platform is also fairly easy to use and you wouldn’t find any complexities to start with.

As a regular Bitfun Faucet user I find the website quite engaging. I still remember the days when it first made it to the market and made many users “Wow” just because of the gaming features it had to retain the users for a longer session.

The top Pros of BitFun Faucet

You can claim after every three minutes – This is quite low when comparing to the other faucets on the network which usually takes around five minutes for timer to reset.
The Offer Walls on the platform are quite great and you should regularly give a look each time you visit Bit Fun
With instant and direct payments to Coinpot, your funds and time spent on the platform will remain fruitful
The website has a smooth design and doesn’t contain any redirector or various Popunder ads that can disturb your experience.

Bit Fun Turn Offs

Only a few faucets pay to making it a bit difficult to reach withdrawal threshold
The games are part of a non-rewarding inventory and can only serve as a time killer
The platform has only a handful of third-party offers even though they can accommodate many more, such as done by Cointiply.

In conclusion, Bit Fun provides a fascinating idea to spend your time online while playing exciting and fun games. In addition, to all the above benefits of platform Bitfun Faucet also provides a large 50% lifetime referral commission so you can easily reach the minimum withdrawal threshold on the Coinpot wallet.

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