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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Allcoins Pw Faucet Review – The Premium Multicoin Faucet

Allcoins Pw is a multi-coin faucet website supporting several different cryptocurrencies. It houses one of the biggest Cryptocoins faucets you can choose from. In addition, a user can also exchange all of them to their favorite Crypto using the builtin exchanger.

On you can start earning your favorite currency within a few seconds. Multi-coin faucet is a new idea in the niche and many websites are now catering to this issue. Allcoins Pw was among the first platform to harbor several different Cryptocurrencies into their giant platform. But there is more about the Allcoins faucet in addition to its multi-currency rich features.

On Allcoins faucet, the user has a variety of options to look into. In other words, it is not just a powerhouse for faucets but rather is a combination of several attractive and engaging games. The registration process on the site is quite simple. You only need to signup here with your required Email and password.

Allcoins Pw also houses support for Cryptos that are not yet supported by any popular Micro wallet. As an Allcoins Pw review lets dig a little further into some mesmerizing features of the platform.

The Edge Cutting Pros of Allcoins Pw

The regular faucet – Allcoins faucet has some of the sleekest regular faucets where you can bag your favorite Cryptocurrencies with the interval of every Five minutes
On top of the regular ones, Allcoins Pw also boasts of Auto faucets which can be handy if you are not into the regular ones
The built-in Web miner and support for Cmd Miner on the platform only means more Cryptocurrencies to harness from the platform
Engaging Games – The developer of the faucet have paid vital attention to make it all in one platform for fauceting users. The Allcoins Pw faucet has an active development and the platforms constantly keep adding mesmerizing games for its users.
The Offer Walls on Allcoins faucet is another major feature of this Multi-coin faucet as it can easily induce more users to use the platform

The Turn Offs

You can’t have more than one account from the same IP, this means if you want your family member to join or share the network with your friends than it is impossible for both of you to use the Allcoins Pw faucet.
The claim amount is relatively low in comparison to similar faucet websites


Allcoins Pw Faucet provides several ways to kill your leisure time by capitalizing it on the platform. As a regular Allcoins faucet user I would highly recommend giving this faucet a try for at least a week. Besides, you shouldn’t worry about the withdrawals as they are instant to your micro wallet unless you are withdrawing a coin not supported by the third party.

In addition, you can also withdraw your coins directly to your specified address if you are not a fan of Micro wallet platforms. With these edge cutting feature and a gigantic 25% Referral Commission, Allcoins Pw does look worth a try for many Faucet users. Further, I would especially advise using the platform if you are waiting for your timer to reset on the Free Ripple faucet.